Another day....another SELL OUT!!

Hooray! Star Bakery had a stall at this year's Sherwood Festival in Nottingham. The festival ran from 12pm to 8pm but we had sold out by 4pm so we got to sit back and bask in the glory of all the people with their bellies full of cupcake.

We made over 220 cupcakes in various flavours and 50 chocolate chip cookies for those non-cake types (yes, they do exist). It was a great day and a great atmosphere as it was a community festival so everyone is so keen to support local businesses. I have to say everyone I met seemed genuinely friendly and I got some great feedback which has put a massive grin on my face for the duration of this weekend.

I though you might like to see some photos from the day, is their a better job in the world?

I don't think so x


  1. Congratulations on another sell out Liana!
    Your stall looked amazing and the cupcakes tasted even better(!)
    Sarah x

  2. Hi

    I wondered if you ever have a stall at the west bridgford farmers market???

    Your cupcakes look wonderful x

  3. Hi Andersons,

    Thanks for the lovely comment. I don't currently have a stall as the farmers market but I will will having a stall at West Bridgford Craft Market on 17+18 July.

    Hope to see you there!