Star Bakery debuts to the public!

Exciting times ahead - Star Bakery had its official public unveiling at the Rufford Park gift fair this weekend and would you believe it, we sold out of cupcakes!!

I took some time away from my normal day job (Communications and Marketing officer) and I baked up a storm with over 2 days of continuous baking in my little kitchen. I made:
  • 200+ cupcakes in various flavours
  • 30 Sugar cookie pops
  • 30 Mini sugar cookies in bags
  • 6 Bakeaway jars (recipes in a jar)
We got some great feedback from all the lovely customers and most people didn't even think our cupcakes were real so had to come back for a second look! The dirt cupcakes were a clear winner on the day and the other 'crafters' at the event were so accommodating that I can't wait to do my next event. There are so many fairs happening in Nottinghamshire over the next few months so I have to get my skates on and get myself booked in.

I have also had some orders emailed to me and starting to think that I might need to look into decreasing my hours in the office to keep up with demand. Exciting times indeed, I can't think pf anything better than to spend the rest of my days up to my elbows in buttercream :)


  1. The stall looks fab!
    I did things like that with the jewellery i made! its a great experience and you feel so good at the end of the day :)

  2. Hi Debs,

    Yeah it's a great feeling! Totally exhuasting but so fulfilling at the same time!