More business work to do...and summer cupcakes!

Just when I thought it was safe to go ahead and relax a little about all the business start up work, my mortgage company go along and request something else from me!

I can completely understand that they need information from me to ensure my business does not effect my home but they can't make up their minds about what they want and I keep getting requests for different items of paperwork and the whole issue is starting to get very exasperating! Oh well, all I can do is make copies of what I already have and send it over and hope that they accept what I send them. They know I have started the business already so I am not too worried.

On another note, I whipped up a quick batch of cupcakes earlier in the week and took some outdoor shots which is a first for me. I think they came out well and if the UK weather stays this nice then you might see more outdoor shots in coming weeks! Have you had a cupcake today?

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