Budapest in a weekend!

It's been 12yrs since I boarded an airplane but after getting my passport renewed earlier this year, I've been desperate to fly away and get international stamps on my passport pages.

My partner is a fan of F1 and he travels to as many races as he can within Europe but I've never been to a race, or even watched it on TV! So when he decided to book us a weekend away to Budapest, I jumped at the chance of a new experience.

I've not really travelled within Europe but Budapest is only 2.5hrs by plane so we got to make the most of a long weekend as we didn't spend hours in the air.

On the first day we discovered an amazing little place for breakfast called The London Coffee Society, we had a massive breakfast for about £5 each which set us up well for a day of exploring!
We decided that Budapest was too spread out to discover by walking only so we bought a 'hop on, hop off' ticket which got us access to the buses and boats and it proved to be excellent value as we even got a shuttle bus up to the Castle included in the price! The Castle and the Fisherman's Bastion were highlights of my trip as they were beautiful buildings which offered gorgeous views over Budapest. We visited on a lovely summers day so the views were extensive.
On day 2, we decided to sample some local produce and found a croissant bakery called Freyja The Croissant Story. It was quite a trendy bakery but the croissants were the best I've ever tasted! We opted for White Chocolate/Pistachio and Banana flavours and they were very reasonably priced with sweet and savoury flavour options. The seating is very basic and modern so next time I'd get croissants to takeaway and go eat them somewhere along the river with a lovely view.
Our final day was spent at the F1 and whilst it was a trek to get there, the organisation of shuttle buses etc was very well laid out so you couldn't go wrong. We decided to use local transport as it was quicker but on the way home the local trains were so packed that we couldn't get on but we'd met some friends along the way and managed to order a taxi to collect us instead so it was all OK in the end!
The F1 was amazing! The fans were all lovely and the facilities at the Budapest circuit really surprised me as there were loads of food options, kids areas, stalls, hundreds of portaloos, drink stations etc. We found a space on a high hill and watched the entire race up close and personal. After it was done, we got onto the track to take photos and I gathered up some of the rubber from the tires for my youngest son who is a mega fan.

I can't wait to attend another race and I'd definitely return to Budapest. It's the perfect destination for a city break and it won't break the bank with cheap flight options and local food being very reasonably priced.

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