Glamping in Wales

Earlier this year, my partner and I decided to book a weekend away from it all. Living in the East Midlands gave us lots of options for places to visit and we eventually settled on Wales. I've never been adverse to camping or roughing it on holiday so we looked towards treehouses, yurts etc in a bid to find something a bit romantic, but with an outdoorsy feel.

We eventually came across a little place called The Sleepout in Meifod and we knew it'd be perfect. Well my partner did, but I needed a bit more convincing! The idea of a compost loo and no electricity did worry me at first but looking through the gallery and seeing a reading nook soon brought me round.

On arrival we were overwhelmed. The Sleepout is what we had hoped for, and more. The sun was shining and the owner Mike walked us around the site (which we had exclusive use of) to show us where everything was and how it worked. Within moments my other half was chopping wood to his hearts content, as I searched around the cabin to find lots of candle lanterns, books and fairy lights for our weekend adventure.

There is so much I could tell you about this place; how much we loved making homemade pizza in the pizza oven, how lovely it was to stargaze at night by the firepit, the amazing feeling of waking up each morning to THIS VIEW...

We absolutely fell in love with this little hideaway and it broke our hearts to leave on Monday morning. We can't wait to visit again and if you'd like to getaway from it all for a few days then I honestly can't recommend this place enough.

In brief:
  • The compost loo was fine! I have no idea what I was worrying about
  • The nearest charging point for phones was a short walk down the hill and really helped me turn off from civilisation for a bit as I couldn't wake up and check my phone straight away
  • Making homemade pizza is far more fun than I thought it'd be...
  • Welsh cakes are my new favourite breakfast item
  • Stargazing through binoculars at 11pm is actually quite romantic
  • Playing poker with your partner (and losing spectacularly) is not.
I think everyone needs a bit of time away from the usual hustle and bustle of life, you can take kids to The Sleepout but if you want to unwind and just enjoy some time away then I'd recommend going as adults only.
 Actual bliss. The Sleepout is my new favourite place to just...be.

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