Starting to run

As a non-driver, I spend a LOT of my time on public transport. I take the tram to work everyday and as long as I have my Spotify or a book to entertain me then I'm a happy traveller!

And when I'm not tramming it to town, I walk everywhere. My children despair of this but the cost of having a car is outweighed by the fact I live so close to EVERYTHING so I have no incentive to drive anytime soon. Anyway, me and my Tesco delivery driver are practically on first name terms so it'd be rude to ruin our blossoming friendship.

But now I'm taking things a step further and have decided to take up running (And wow, that's a sentence I never thought I'd type...)

Inspired by many a friend who runs for fun (who knew people like this existed?!) and a superfit running obsessed boyfriend, I have started the Couch to 5k challenge with the aim of being able to run a 5k within the next 9wks. I'm nothing if not ambitious!
I've just invested in some new spangly Asic running trainers and am making full use of the Fitbit that my other half got me for my birthday so my mission is clear; 5k or bust.

As a plus size gal, I've always thought there's a stigma attached to seeing fat people running so my first outing was equal measure terror and nerves. Was I wearing the right clothes? Would I be able to run without collapsing? Are people going to laugh when they see me running? How red is my face gonna go?! But I needn't have worried, everyone I passed seemed oblivious to my efforts and not one person even cracked a smile when my face inevitably went a beetroot red...

So am I enjoying it so far? Well my knees certainly hurt less since I got my new trainers and I actually went out running in the rain the other night so I'm definitely enjoying the challenge. Even if my face doesn't quite tell that story...

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  1. I do a lot of walking and really enjoy nature. Great post.