Hep C-ya!

Well this is a post I never thought I'd get the chance to write! Friends, relatives and regular readers of my blog will already know that my Mum passed away from Hepatitis C in 2003, and subsequently I was diagnosed with it in 2004. I've had it since birth but it lay undiagnosed until 2004.

In 2005, I underwent treatment to clear the disease - and unfortunately it failed. I've been extremely lucky to not suffer toooo many symptoms of the disease but my liver has been a bit battered (I have Cirrhosis and a few other medical complications). It's always been a dream of mine to one day be clear of it before things started to get worse...

Fast forward to 2014, and a flurry of activity in the research sector started to give me, and millions of others, hope. Hep C is often called the 'silent killer' as many people are unaware they have it but with millions of people around the world suffering, and some dying, a raft of new treatments suddenly became available.

I was VERY lucky last year to be offered one of these new treatments and so began a 6mth regime of countless pills and blood tests. The treatment itself has been a lot easier than 10yrs ago and today, after 12wks of waiting I finally found out the news I've been waiting for...

I have cleared Hepatitis C.

I can't even tell you how weird it feels to type that. I've known a few people know who have lost their lives to this disease and countless others who live daily with the symptoms. To finally realise that there is an effective, and relatively easy, cure is just more than I could ever have hoped for.

I've always been very open about my status and I'm writing this public post now in the hope that someone might stumble across my little blog and see that effective treatments ARE available. This disease no longer means what it used to and for the first time in 12yrs I feel that I can look forward to a future. I wish I could have shared this news with my Mum but hopefully now there are less people out there who will have to go through the devastation of losing a loved one to this illness.

If you'd like to find out more about Hep C then please visit the Hep C Trust website. I know a lot of the amazing people who work there and they have been a lifeline for me. Their helpline was my first port of call when I was diagnosed and they've supported me ever since.

The photo at the top of the page was a selfie I took about 2hrs after I heard the news. I'm *pretty* sure my smile doesn't get any bigger and the phrase I'm holding was actually thought up by my friend Phil - I think it sums things up perfectly.

Sooooooo 2016 is going to be extra amazing now, yes?



  1. Fantastic news Liana!! 2016 is off to a brilliant start :)

  2. Oh Liana, I am so pleased for you. Well done on being so open about Hep C, I hope it gives others hope. Big love to you and the boys xx

  3. Oh bless you. This is great news xx

  4. This is just wonderful news Liana. I was with Kate when she got your text. She was so moved. Xxto you all and enjoy 2016. Jenny summers

  5. Just wonderful newsLiana. I was with Kate when she got your text. She was so moved. An amazing start for 2016.x to you and the boys