3 things you're gonna love!

I don't know about you but as the weather turns hotter, my food thoughts turn towards tapas style grilled food and smoothies. My boys love smoothies and as they're so easy and healthy to make, I love to indulge them!

Being on a struct food budget means that whilst I'm never short of apples/bananas/oranges, the softer more luxurious fruits and veg are often out of my reach. Until recently that is! A few friends of mine had already discovered the amazing Anthony's Fruit and Veg Boxes who offer great value fruit and vegetables delivered straight to your door (within an NG postcode) and from my first delivery, I can safely say I'm a total convert!

I ordered the full £20 box which includes fruit, veg and a salad selection and boy was I surprised when the delivery driver turned up with this lot...

My eyes were definitely bigger than our bellies and I had to resort to giving some away but I'm now ordering the £15 box every fortnight and that seems to suit us perfectly. I'd really advise giving them a go - I've been trying out new recipes just to use up the contents which in turn is getting more healthy food into our diet.

I'm trying to get back into reading as a way of encouraging my boys to pick up a book and read it at their leisure. They're both big readers anyway, but now my eldest is starting to take an interest in what I'm reading so I thought it'd be nice to be able to recommend some titles to him. A friend of mine recently lent my Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman and once I started it, I couldn't put it down! I read Stardust a few years back and didn't love it as much as the movie, but this book is fab and I literally felt gutted when it ended. I've already started Good Omens by the same author and that's shaping up to be another fab book so if you're looking for an easy summer read (and you like fantasy style books) then this is a great place to start!

Working in a Bakery has it's perks and none more than being able to see cake demo evenings for free! The next demo evening at our shop is being hosted by the fabulous Natalie from Yummy Little Cakes who will be sharing tips on how to make this amazing chalkboard cake. Tickets for the demo are staggeringly cheap at only £5 per ticket AND you get a free goodie bag at this event so you can go home and practice your new found skills. BARGAIN!


  1. Those veg boxes are indeed amazing value!

  2. They're just great, a real value find in Nottingham!

  3. Hey Liana! I’ve just nominated you for the versatile blogger award on my site. http://emiliahearts.co.uk/2015/07/15/the-versatile-blogger-award-nomination-yippee/