3 things you're gonna love!

I love searching out new and interesting things. Since moving to Nottingham 14yrs ago, I've become a real City gal and luckily for me we have so many fab things to see and do locally that I never need to venture far away from home!

Living near the big city also means I can search out products relatively easily rather than having to resort to buying online so I've decided to start a little series to share with you a few things that I just know you're gonna love!

First up is Coconut Oil. You may have noticed that this stuff is everywhere nowadays - and for good reason! I discovered Coconut Oil at Holland and Barrett and was hooked immediately. It comes in a hard form in a jar but softens relatively quickly in the palm of your hands. I use mine for cooking, as a hair mask, for removing makeup, as a lip balm...the list is endless and Pinterest is a great source of inspiration for even more uses. I now use Lucy Bee Coconut Oil and I've never looked back.

Have you tried the best Pizza in Nottingham yet? Well I have, and it's immense. Step forward Oscar and Rosie's who have been serving up pizza at Das Kino since succeeding in their kickstarter campaign last year. I first ventured in a couple of months ago and was blown away by their dairy free pizza, which was officially the size of our table, and served up by the enigmatic owner who took time to give us some loyalty cards and have a quick chat with us after our meal. Great food, great service. This place needs to get it's own venue though - I first tried going in on a Friday evening and was utterly confused by the bar and ping pong tables! But persevere dear Nottingham peeps, you won't be disappointed.

I've recently discovered the key to unwinding at night and it's colouring in. No, not the kind my son does but an altogether more grown up version I kept hearing about online. I decided to order a book and pencils on Amazon and couldn't wait to get started. It really does help my relax at night once the kids are in bed and I can easily lose 30mins or so just sketching away. Waterstones in Nottingham has some books in stock and I even spotted a book at my local Tesco today so colouring in is officially cool.
Tomorrow is World Baking Day so I'm looking forward to baking up some Oreo Brownies and relaxing with yet more colouring in!
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