My recent cakes from Swirls Bakery

As most of you will be aware, aside from blogging, parenting and working part time in a sugarcraft shop I also run my own bakery from home! I've run my business for 6yrs now and with each year I get more and more amazing cake request from my fab clients, so this week I thought I'd share a few of my favourite cakes from recent months.

I absolutely adore my job, in busy periods I can be working 40hr weeks (on my cakes alone!) so it really is a labour of love but seeing a clients face when they see their cake makes it all worth it. Do I sometimes miss my marketing day job from yesteryear? Of course! Do I miss getting annual leave! YES! Do I miss the pressures and stresses of trying to juggle a day job with childcare and life in general. Hell no!

With Milo starting school full time in September I have an opportunity to really think about my career and what I want to do going forward. Do I go back to work full time as an employee of someone else? How much do I miss marketing and can I see myself doing that in years to come? I have no idea what the future holds but I know cake will be in it. I'm trying to be a 'yes' person at the moment so I'm keeping my opportunities book open for business.


You can visit my bakery website here at Swirls Bakery and see our full gallery on Flickr here. We really do have some amazing cakes coming up in recent months so watch this space where I'll undoubtedly be sharing them once they're complete!

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