Minecraft dessert table fun at Gamecity

There are many things that lead me to believe that I truly do live in the best city in the UK. One of those things is Gamecity.

Now don't get me wrong; hardcore gamer I am not, but as the sister of a brother who played games for the duration of his youth I can safely say I've learnt a trick or two. I remember every console we had since the age of 9 and am very proficient with any brand Nintendo controller. I pulled out our old Super Nintendo a little whole ago just to check I still remembered all the cheats and warps throughout the Super Mario Bros 2 game (I can proudly report - I did).
Gamecity is a annual videogaming festival which takes place in Nottingham over the course of a week each October. The festival is accessible to people of all ages and the organisers run free events to encourage people to play and get involved with all aspects of gaming.

I've taken my family to events for the past few years so the week is always firmly marked in my diary but this year was a little different for me as the organisers asked me (via my bakery Swirls Bakery) to get involved with their Mine(paper) Craft day and to host a dessert table which would be entirely Minecraft themed.

My 9yr old is OBSESSED with Minecraft so my research was pretty easy and thrilled my son who delights in talking to me about every aspect of the game. I created a Pinterest board to start to collate inspiration and ideas and this is what the end result looked like...
Pretzels sticks stood in as 'sticks', twizzler licorice was TNT 

Black marshmallow treats were 'coal, marshmallow flavour meringues were 'diamonds'
Bubblegum meringues were 'redstone' and the favourite treat of the day!
Here's my proud little man demonstrating his excitement at the event!
There was over 350+ edible items on the table and they lasted an impressive 3.5hrs before being picked clean by the sweet toothed attendees. It was amazing to have people stop and take photos next to my cakes which had their 15mins of fame before being devoured.

It was such a fantastic free event and everyone involved with the event was just lovely to work with. I had soooo much positive feedback about my cakes and bakes on the day, and whilst I've hosted stalls and tables at many events throughout Nottingham - this was hands down my favourite.

I can't take all the credit through and a massive thank you goes to Neli from We Are Delish who provided the most amazing creeper cake pops I have ever seen.

Thanks to Lee at Gamecity for hosting such a fab event and asking us to be involved. I asked Finley to give his verdict on the event and this is what he had to say...

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