Doctor Who inspired family fun day

Happy 50th anniversary Doctor Who! If, like me, you're a fellow Whovian then it will have no doubt escaped your notice that this past weekend has been ALL about celebrating a massive TV milestone for Doctor Who. 50 years, I mean I don't know many programmes that get past 50 episodes let alone 50 years!

Me and my boys love the Doctor so I decided to make the most of the day and create a little family fun day themed especially for the night time showing of the 'Day of the Doctor'.

I used my Doctor-themed Pinterest board as my main inspiration source and then used all of the Doctor toys that we have readily available to decorate the house. Unfortunately, Sylvester McCoy has gone MIA so we were a Doctor short in our line up.

Here's what our day looked like...
The morning line up consisted of an array of toys and pictures laid out across the TV unit - Finley had to ensure the Doctors were in the right order before I would let him watch the Doctor Who Proms 2013. He got them in the right order within minutes! I'm so proud...
I also printed off as little picture of Matt to adorn my bathroom mirror, it's so nice to be greeted this way every morning :)
 I bought this t-shirt from Megan Lara on Teefury and paired it with my Doctor Who quote necklace ordered from Mummybird Pretties at Etsy. It reads my favourite quote from 'In the name of the Doctor' which is "You're always here to me. And I always listen. And I can always see you"
 I found these little adipose marshmallows on Pinterest and stuck mini marshmallows onto regular sized marshmallows using white chocolate. Too cute to eat!
 And finally we had a treat table which consisted of adipose marshmallows (DW10 fatty nemesis), bananas ("they're a great source of potassium" as quoted by DW9), jelly babies (DW4's favourite treat) and finally some Taris and Weeping Angel sandwiches made with the cookie cutters from Lakeland.

The day ended with a family viewing of the new episode "The Day of the Doctor" and it was AWESOME. We had so much fun and the boys really got into character with Sonic Screwdriver fights and Doctor Who colouring pages. I wonder if I could do the same for the upcoming Sherlock episodes...hmmmmm
I *totally* won this sonic fight...

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