Oreo marshmallow krispy bars

Oreos make everything better. It's an undeniable fact. The UK seems to be catching up with their oreo-loving American cousins and I see more and more things creeping onto our supermarket shelves that are Oreo or cookies and cream flavoured. AND THIS MAKES ME HAPPY.

My boys are no exception to the rule that kids love Oreos and I like how easy they are to add to any recipe as they hold their shape well and are instantly recognisable. My only pet peeve is when someone put an oreo on top of a cupcake - I learnt the hard way people, your oreo WILL go soft as it absorbs the buttercream so don't do it! There's nothing worse than eating a unintentionally soft cookie...
I came across this recipe on Pinterest and tweaked it a little bit to suit UK measures. Don't worry if your ingredients are slightly off in terms of measures, this is a very forgiving bar recipe so feel free to improvise!
Crush up your rice cereal well - I find this gives a more compact marshmallow bar
Work quickly to smooth your finished bar into the pan - I used a greased spatula as the marshmallow was so sticky!
I popped my treats in the fridge to make them easy to cut but kept them at room temperature when serving
The perfect lunchbox treat! This kept well for 3 days (well they lasted for 3 days anyway...!)
  • 150g rice cereal
  • 20 Regular Oreos chopped
  • 250g marshmallows
  • 45g butter
  • White chocolate for drizzle optional
  1. Grease 8" square tin - do not do what I did and line with greaseproof paper as the crispy treats stick to it!
  2. In a large bowl, pour out rice cereal. I smash my cereal with the end of a rolling pin as it makes your crispy squares more compact and easy to eat.
  3. Crush Oreos in a sandwich bag. Make sure there is a mix of large chunks and finely crushed Oreo crumbs as this adds to the texture. Add Oreos to rice cereal and stir to combine.
  4. In a medium saucepan, heat butter and marshmallows together over medium heat, stirring constantly, until they melt together. You can also do this in a microwave but be careful not to burn the marshmallows and keep an eye on them as they soon puff up!
  5. Pour melted marshmallows over cereal mixture and use a spatula sprayed with non-stick spray to quickly combine all the ingredients.
  6. As soon as all the cereal is combined, spread mixture into the prepared tin. Use the spatula to press the mixture around the dish, and flatten as needed.
  7. Drizzle melted white chocolate over the top as desired.

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  1. Liana, what are you doing to me!? I'm suppose to be on a diet this week but now I've seen this! :-D

    1. Hehe, sincerest apologies for my temptations!! :)