A fresh bag of coffee - my review!

I'm a fan of coffee, not as much as my husband mind,  but I think my American genes give me an inbuilt appreciation for all things coffee related.

And I think I speak for most people when I say there is nothing more disappointing than a bad cup of coffee! Especially if the smell of a cup promises caffeine laden glory but the taste delivers a watery disappointment...

I was tweeting the other day when I had a lovely tweet from the folks from 'A fresh bag of coffee'. They are coffee roasters based in Nottingham and completely by chance I had been looking for a decent place to buy coffee for my husband as our usual coffee outlet didn't attend last months Nottingham market.

They generously offered to send me a sample of their freshly ground coffee (which is roaster no longer than 24hrs before delivery) and the next day I had a lovely little coffee package delivered through my door!

UPDATE: You can now buy a sample by clicking here. I sampled Viennese roast using Honduras beans.

I am not exaggerating when I say my WHOLE HOUSE smelt of coffee before we even opened our package. It was so lovely and we immediately couldn't wait to sample a brew in the morning. The packaging is nice and you get a scoop with your grounds - the beans do arrive whole but I asked for them to be ground as I don't have a grinder.

The coffee definitely delivered on its promise and we are converted. I love the fact this is a local company and the personal touch you get on twitter is fab - I thoroughly recommend them to any coffee lover out there. They have coffee subscriptions which at first view do seem a bit out of my budget but I can see the value in getting great coffee and if it saves my husband from buying his morning coffee on the way to work then we'll be saving money in the long run!

I'd love to see a few flavoured coffees enter the range or even some coffee flavourings being sold alongside beans as I have an addiction to french vanilla flavoured coffee but this a company for the coffee purists and I respect that :)

I've found a really yummy looking recipe that whips up some chocolate and coffee hot puddings and I think I'll need to reserve some of my sample coffee to make these for my husband. I'm also thinking about infusing some cream with coffee and then making ganache with that cream to give it a mocha flavour - oh the possibilities are endless!

Do you like coffee? Where do you buy yours?


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