Making hot chocolate

The snow is here! I *love* the snow, I've been so excited about having the opportunity to get the sledge out and luckily we've had just enough in Notts to be able to build our snowman and have some outdoor fun...in the form of snowball fights!

One of the downsides to playing outside is the imminent freeze that starts from the toes up, and to combat that: I give you decadent and creamy hot chocolate.

This is a pretty standard recipe which I tweak from time to time depending on my mood and it's perfect for warming you up after a day outside.

It's pretty rich so you might want to add cold milk for the kids but then again, isn't that what whipped cream is for?
Get your ingredients ready
Mix all dry ingredients together
Add milk
Microwave for 1min then whisk 
Cups ready: Milo's, Mummy's, Daddy's and Fin's
Lots of whipped cream for Fin!
Double marshmallows and a cookie for Me!
Thumbs up from Fin!

Hot chocolate (microwave version)
  • 600ml whole milk (approx 200ml per adult and 100ml milk per child)
  • 5tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 3tbsp sugar per person (you could use flavoured sugar syrup for a different flavour)
  • 50g dark chocolate (chopped up for easy melting)
  • 1tbsp Vanilla coffee creamer from the US (my extra special addition!)
  • 1 pinch salt
  • 1 pinch cinnamon
  • Marshmallows and whipped cream optional

- Mix all dry ingredients together in a microwaveable jug. Add a small amount of milk to mix into a paste
- Add remainder of milk and whisk together. Don't worry if it's still lumpy at this stage.
- Microwave for 1min and then give it a whisk to mix well
- Microwave for a further 2mins and whisk again. At this stage I decant the kids portion as it's hot enough for them but test it to make sure it's not too hot.
- Microwave for a further 1-2mins dependant on your tastes and then add cream/marshmallows and a dusting of cocoa or cinnemon for flavour.
- Sit back, relax with a belly full of warm cocoa and enjoy!
NB: This can be done over the hob just keep whisking all ingredients until you reach the desired heat.


  1. yummy! No snow here, but I can still try out your recipe :) Sounds like a snuggle on the couch drink!!

    *waves hello* from a new follower. Hazel x

  2. I thoroughly recommend it! A lovely drink for any cold night *waves hello back*