Angry Birds at Sundown Adventureland

Happy 8th Birthday Finley!
My eldest son turned 8 recently and for once I knew exactly where we were going to take him for his birthday - Sundown Adventureland!

Earlier this year we'd heard about a new section of the park that'd been built and from the moment Finley overheard me talking about it he knew he wanted to go. The Angry Birds activity park opened in September and luckily his birthday is at the end of September so off we went!

We've been to Sundown a few times now and we've always had a fun day out but this was our first time with Milo since he's at the age where he can be a bit more independent and go on more of the rides and play areas unaided. The park itself is designed exclusively for under 10's so it's nice to be able to give the kids the freedom to play on everything and not have to worry about height restrictions or rides being too scary for them.
Milo was decidedly less impressed that Finley on this ride...

Angry Bird Land!!
I think Sundown is an independent theme park so I wasn't sure what to expect when we first went but I think the boys really love it. The whole park is catered for them and each area is nestled next to each other so although the park feels really big, it's not too much even for the littlest of legs.

There are lots of food and drink options on site but they tend to be fast food based i.e. burgers/chips etc so we always take a packed lunch as the park is filled with benches and areas to sit and eat in and the boys can be fussy when it comes to food.
Milo ran this way...
...and then this way.
It's nice to see the park keeping up to date with the introduction of the Angry Birds area and I think they are expanding again next year. They also have a Christmas spectacular they run every year and I have a feeling the kids would love it :)

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