Chocolate glazed biscuits

I've been baking from my Be-Ro recipe book again and this time I found a recipe that reminded me of some biscuits we used to have in our school canteen. We had the yummiest cakes at school, isn't it funny how we can always remember the food we used to eat at school? I'm sure I still crave them...

A lot of these 'classic bakes' are being lost to our fascination with pastries and frosting laden cakes but they're always popular and I used to find that they products like caramel shortbread and cornflake cakes were always the most popular on my stalls and often the first to sell out!

This is another simple recipe consisting of just a few ingredients and the only changes I made were to add a couple of drops of chocolate extract and my homemade vanilla extract in place of vanilla essence *shudders* where needed.
Sugar, flour and cocoa prior to having butter rubbed in
I used a 5cm cutter for these biscuits
Messy application of glace icing...!
I'd describe these as a cross between a soft biscuit and a fluffy brownie
These biscuits were really nice and light and I used high quality cocoa so the chocolatey flavour was really intense and not overly sweet. I was dubious about the easy glace icing but it was sooo tasty! I'm gonna file the glace recipe as a keeper when I need a 'drizzle' icing for cakes as it sets semi hard so it'd be good for transporting.

If you haven't already got this recipe book I highly recommend it as a good 'basics' book. Someone told me they found it in Morrisons and it's only £1.50 but you can also find the recipe for these biscuits here.


  1. Anonymous20.8.12

    Amazing! These look gorgeous, so much chocolate! I thought I was the only one who wished I could still eat school dinners - they were amazing!!

    1. Nope, I'm right with you on school dinners! We had a great choice at my school - even a slushie machine! Take that Jamie Oliver!