Trip to Newfields Dairy

Chocolate Brownie
I'm sure by now most of us are aware of the impending cold weather that's soon to fall over the British Isles once again. After a beautifully sunny week, it was to be expected...

In a bid to make the most of the weather whilst it lasts, me and the family made a trip over to nearby Newfields Dairy a local dairy farm where they make their own milk and cream from Cows you pass on the way in. My eldest pointed out that the rain was surely on it's way when he noticed the cows were sitting down...lol!

I've never been to Newfields before and I was really pleasantly surprised! The cafe is newly built and is light and airy with big tables comfy for large families. The menu board that greets you is full of options that make the most of the local produce and the emphasis is on yummy flavours that won't overfill you and ensure you have room for their famous ice cream.

We opted for the Cowmans Platter and farmhouse chips and we had enough for all 4 of us to sample a bit of everything. It was all lovely and in the race to eat I didn't get to pap my food until most of the platter was finished! We accompanied the platter with milkshakes and a glass of fresh milk...yum. Prices seemed high at first but the quality of the food is fab so in hindsight they reflect the standard of the food and surroundings.
Cowman's platter with beef, ham (eaten), salad, egg, coleslaw, cheese, pork pie and granary bread

All the food was cooked perfectly and the customer service was excellent with the main gentleman behind the counter answering all of my questions about a range of items on the menu.

The kids loved the small playground outside and I love that you could watch the cows as you were eating your ice cream! I can't wait to go back and try something else from the menu, my eldest particularly enjoyed his 'Cowpat sundae' which was ice cream smothered in chocolate sauce and chocolate balls.

My youngest hasn't quite got the hang of ice cream so we got him and my husband a brownie to share. It was a little drier than I'm used to but it was flavoursome and perfect with our milky drinks.

Now bring on the summer so I can plan my next trip already!!

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  1. Oooh will have to pop there at some point, love ice cream and nice food and then a little look round Southwell :)