School holiday cookies!

I seem to have fallen into a ritual of baking yummy treats with my son during any (and all) school holidays. I didn't do this on purpose and I only just realised this has become a staple arrangement when I look back through old blog posts. Nevertheless, it's a ritual I really enjoy :)

So this week is no different. I have a few large bakery orders for the next few weeks but I have mostly tried to slow the work pace this week as we're doing a spot of home decorating and my work/life/mum/wife balance is getting a little squiffy these days...

I recently came across this lovely blog a few months ago and on it was a recipe that caught my eye. It's for Millie's style cookies! A baker friend of mine had also shared this recipe and once I saw the rave reviews it was getting I just knew I had to try it.

It's a very simple recipe compared to the countless Chocolate Chip Cookies I've made before and whilst it's not my absolute favourite (I like my cookies a little chunkier) the kids love them and they're so easy to whip up, you have to give them a go. They last really well in an airtight container and they're quicker (and cheaper) to make than those cookie kits you can buy at the supermarkets.

I made cookies using dark chocolate chip cookies and white chocolate chunks and my recipe made about 20 palm sized cookies. Don't overcook them to retain that gooey-ness so reminiscent of Millie's *unless you're like me and like a cookie to crunch*.

And in other exciting news, our Swirls Bakery website is shaping up nicely and I can't wait to share it with you all! If you didn't know about my other bakery venture with my amazing new business partner then you can read about it here. Exciting times ahead!!

Hold on, didn't I just say my work/life balance was off kilt...?!!


  1. Thanks, I will be trying the cookie recipe you just shared a link,thanks for sharing

  2. I hope you love the cookies as much as my family do!