More baking fun at home!

I love cake. That's a given.

But I love cake MORE when it's fun and you can't get more fun than funfetti cake! Whilst you can't buy funfetti cake in the UK (boo) I'm sure a lot of people have dabbled with colours/sprinkles in cake so I thought you'd like to see my efforts after a fun filled baking session with my son.

We decided to make a simple one layer cake as we just wanted to feed the family. I came across this blog a little while back and decided to give the listed 'White Cake' recipe a go. When you see a US recipe that calls for 'shortening' then you can use Trex which is available in most UK supermarkets now but if you don't have any to hand then just substitute for butter.

The recipe is really straight forward and produces a nice moist white cake. My advice would be to make sure you have some strong coloured sprinkles to add to your cake as the classic hundreds and thousands or pastel sprinkles will just get lost in your cake. I happened to have some really bright sugar strands to hand and they produced a really nice effect in the cake and completely melt away so no crunchy pieces in your cake!
I topped this cake with a really basic chocolate buttercream and my son generously sprinkled on the decorations! I hope you like our efforts.


  1. What brand of sprinkles did you use and where from? Cant find any strong coloured ones anywhere! :(

    1. I buy bright sprinkles online or B&M also stock them occasionally so if you live near one check them out! They have some great bright ones here if that helps http://www.purplecupcakes.co.uk/ourshop/cat_676694-Edible-Non-Pareils-Tiny-Sugar-Balls.html