Baking fun in the school holidays

Here at Star Bakery we love to find an excuse to bake - and the school holidays is the perfect one. I love baking with my son for two reasons:
  1. He loves to make (and consume) anything we make together and especially likes an excuse to get messy in the kitchen!
  2. It's a cheap way to pass the time and have some proper one-on-one fun with my boy :)
We all have our favourite recipes that we like to make and I like to stick to the classics as some recipes are just MADE for kids! I thought I'd share a photo of our latest creation along with a link to the recipe we used.

We added a few extra bits to use up some white/dark chocolate chips that I had leftover along with some sprinkles that I had kicking around. The thing I like about these treats is you can use any ingredients you have leftover to jazz them up as long as you have the marshmallows as the main ingredient. I'm partial to adding peanut butter but my hubby hates the stuff so I omitted them this time :(

Let me know if you have any recipes to suggest, we have 3 weeks of holidays left so I am all ears!


  1. They look fantastic and I could just eat some krispie cakes like that right now!

    Here's a link to some of the recipes I teach to primary aged kids http://en.wordpress.com/tag/kids-cookery/

    Another good website is http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/icancook/

  2. Thanks Jules, the recipes you link to look fab - I might have to give them a go this weekend!