My own personal cake!

OK, so a few weeks ago I celebrated my 31st birthday. This alarmed me somewhat as I don't think I had time to get used to being 30 yet, where does the time go??

I chose to take a weekend break with the family to Bridlington in Yorkshire and we had a fab time. The holiday season is just about to kick off so we got all the fun of the beach/amusements being open with none of the crowds! We even found a few isolated spots where we could watch the waves hitting the cliffs as the sunset and it was amazing.
So my birthday came and went in a bit of a blur this year BUT the one thing that will stick with me forever is the cake my son decorated for me. I made a (shhhh) *boxed* cake for him (I can't help it - I love Betty!) to let loose on and gave him lots of my cake sprinkles to work with and he created this masterpiece for me. He was so proud of his work and right after he finished we sat down and enjoyed a piece of cake together.

Now THAT'S a birthday to remember :)

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