Got a cake business related query?

In the last few months a lot more of my lovely blog readers have been in touch to ask questions about starting a cake business and whilst I am always happy to help I though it might be useful to post a few key websites that might be of use:

Flickr - not just a photo sharing website, Flickr has a number of groups you can join to meet other fellow cakers and post questions on a variety of subjects. My top picks for key groups to join include Cake Biz UK and Cupcakes UK. Cake Biz UK has been specially created for people thinking about starting/running a business and the forum is very active so you can get answers to any queries you might have.

Twitter - most people have heard of Twitter but it still takes some time to get used to! I love Twitter as I have 'met' some great cake contacts and if I do have a query I can just post it and I always get great responses often from people all over the world! It's also very inspirational as I choose to follow a lot of cake business people and you can see how they are doing and conduct some great market research just by spending a few minutes 'tweeting' per day!

They are just a few I can highly recommend and you can see some of my old posts which have a more detailed breakdown of other useful resources including Some really great advice and Making the most of whats online.

Of course if anyone does want to get in touch then please do so but bear in mind my inbox is currently overflowing so my response might be a little delayed!

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