One month on and still going strong!

OK, so technically that's not true. I mean Star Bakery officially opened for business last January (2009) but January 2010 is when I started this business full time. And do you know what? For the first time the other day I realised it's actually starting to feel like 'my job' and not just a part time hobby I do for to satisfy my creative side (and wallet!).

January was far busier than I ever expected it to be. I always knew people loved cupcakes but on average I get about 2 calls a day enquiring about placing an order so it seems Star Bakery's name is really getting out there in Notts.

With Valentine's day just around the corner I am already starting to plan my Mother's Day and Easter designs as well as starting to book stalls at events around the county. I love having a cupcake stall at an event, I genuinely love to see people's faces when they come across my stall and even more when they try a cupcake in front of me. Nothing beats the sense of pride that you get when someone eats something you have made - and falls in love with it. You just can't beat that.

I am currently ploughing a LOT of time into social media marketing i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and not only does it help to build my profile but it helps me to stay in touch with my counterparts around the country. As I no longer work in an office I need a way to get my daily gossip intake! Especially if it is more focused on cakes...

Well that's it from me today, I have a couple of big orders for this week that I am looking forward to getting my teeth into (not literally of course, I hope my Environmental Health Officer didn't read that...)


  1. Congratulations, I hope your business continues to grow and grow

  2. Social media will do soooo much for your business! :)

  3. Thanks ladies, I am so chuffed things are going well and you're right - social media is the way forward!!