Boxes boxes everywhere

If this past Valentine's is anything to go by then we are in for a busy Mother's Day that's for sure! This was the scene in my kitchen on just one of our delivery days:

I've even had to buy a new fridge to accommodate the growing levels of stock I need to keep at one time! As I make all the cakes fresh I need to be prepared for those last minute orders which means late night dashes to the supermarket are a no go these days.

I am a little late with getting my Mother's Day designs out there and I know a few of at least a few people who have provisionally requested a box so I promise I will get something out in the next few days. I'm sure you're itching to see them!

And one of our recent gift boxes has proved so popular that we're thinking of offering it out as our springtime gift box, what d'ya think?


  1. Very cute cupcakes, I love them! The pink one is marvellous ;)


  2. Thanks Alice, loving your work too!