Save the date!

Star Bakery will be getting festive this December and appearing at our FIRST Christmas event at Rufford Abbey in Nottinghamshire.

I am sooo excited to have a stall there this year, I love Rufford and this time of the year is very special at the grounds with lots to do for the little ones while you shop! Here is a detailed extract from the events programme.

Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th December CHRISTMAS AURORA GIFT MARKET
11am - 6.30pm
Christmas is almost here, so forget the stress of the High Street and enjoy a leisurely browse for that special gift as traders from 50 stalls tempt you with a variety of handmade quality craft goods. Then, as darkness approaches, the market will be bathed in light as all 50 stalls will be illuminated to enhance your shopping experience and complement the Aurora Christmas lighting extravaganza. The market is held in the coach house courtyard against the backdrop of Rufford Abbey.

I hope you can make it along to visit us and say hello. We will be selling:
  • Handmade seasonal themed cupcakes and larger Christmas fruit cakes
  • Hand decorated sugar cookies in all shapes and sizes
  • Gingerbread cookies (like the ones above!)
  • Edible Christmas tree decorations to hang on your tree
  • Cake/cookie mix gift jars for the baker in your life
  • Boxed cake truffles
  • Handmade cake themed cards from the lovely Sarah Dawes
If there's anything else you'd like us to feature then let me know, I'm always welcome to ideas!


  1. well done - I've been offered a stall at the local parish church christmas fair where circa 500 to 600 people attend.
    Trouble is, not having done one before, i don't know what to do!!
    They sell tea and cakes there, so can;t really to that.
    How do you market yourself in an event where you probably wouldn't actually sell cakes to eat?
    I wondered about making a few Chocolate Christmas cakes etc as demos / or for trying and taking orders?
    For £25 for the stall (all goes to charity) it might be worth a go? What do you think?

  2. It is a bit daunting when you do your first stall but when you do one that goes well they are addictive! You need to think about your market - who are they and what are they likely to buy? I think you're right about the cakes, maybe have some dummy cakes set up so people can see what you do and plenty of flyers/business cards etc. Take a look at Consumed by Cake from Worthing - she has done some fab work at wedding fairs where there are plenty of 'fake cakes' and just a few edible samples http://www.flickr.com/photos/consumedbycake/ I have also posted previously about my stall experiences so take a look through my archives and see what you can find.

  3. Hi, do you use cellophane bags and ribbon etc for your cakes, if so, where do you get them from? There seem to be loads of places, but often I find getting things by recommendation is best.

  4. I get mine from Lakeland for smaller orders (I add packaging into my price structures to cover the costs) but Ryepac http://www.ryepac.co.uk/ are really good and they have started to sell more bakery packaging at very reasonable prices so I would definitely recommend them.

  5. Yes, I use ryepac for my cake boxes, but was looking for cellophane bags - I have gone with www.flowerhour.co.uk for some bags and ribbon.

  6. Oooh, they look good. Are you on Twitter yet? I always find people really helpful when you need recommendations on stuff like this. I have an account under Star Bakery and have made some great contacts that way.

  7. Yes I am on Twitter, but not really used it. I'm much more of a FB fan.
    I found out how to automatically feed my blog updates into FB, so all of my contacts / friends get to read the update rather than have to go to the blog.
    The downside is that if people comment on the blog in FB, it doesnot feed back into blogspot, but I suppose you can't have everything :)