Cupcakes hitting the headlines again

Bit late posting the link to this but one of my lovely Twitter followers alerted me to this article on the BBC website.

I think the 'cupcake revival' they speak of has been in the pipeline for at least the last 5-7 years, the UK has just taken a little longer to catch on commercially with bakeries only really starting to appear since 2005 (Star Bakery only came into existence in 2009 but the idea was there for a while...!). There are some exceptions of course, but I hear a lot of my London based pals commenting that cupcakes are now appearing everywhere in the past year.

This can't be a bad thing, surely? I for one hope cupcakes stay around forever but I accept some things associated with cupcakes i.e. wedding trends, will move on. The only way to keep them on top is to constantly work on re-inventing styles and finding the 'next big thing' to capture people's imagination.

Here's hoping that what Star Bakery does best!


  1. It's definitely been big in the states for awhile now. In the past few years instead of gaining bakeries we have been gaining cupcakerys everywhere which is pretty awesome. I also hope cupcakes stay around for a long long time. :)

  2. It's not exactly a bad thing for us is it! I like the idea of consumers having choices but I have had some bad cupcakes recently when trying out some local competitors so I reserve judgement until I have tried them all...!