New website launches soon!

Apologies for the gap in blog posts, life has been increasingly hectic but at last I have some exciting news about Star Bakery...

Our website will be going live very soon - Hurray! One of my lovely talented friends has been busy building it and making it look lovely, and we're now at a stage where it should be ready to go live within the next week or so.

I can promise some exciting website opening offers and I'd really appreciate your feedback on our new site so keep your eyes peeled for tweets, facebook messages and a newsletter sign up service to keep you updated with all things Star Bakery.

In the meantime we are fully booked with orders for the next 10 days so I better get on with baking! And for your sweet tooth here is a gift box we delivered this week, great for all occasions!


  1. I am amazed and now hungry for cake! You are an inspiration to all amateur bakers.

    Gem, wants icing lessons from you.

    Good luck with the re-launch and we both hope your cake orders rise (little baking joke there).

  2. Tell Gem we should sort out another cookie/cupcake making session at Christmas. That was so much fun!

    The rude gingerbread men were especially hilarious!