Looking towards the future

So much to do - so little time! I knew when I started this business life would be busy but as my 'to do' continues to grow, I realise that making this business successful is going to take everything I've got.

But I am determined to keep all my balls in the air and want to offer you a sneak preview of what's to come with Star Bakery...

  • Website - finally up and running! The very next thing on my list is to import the content into my new website. It's ready to go but I'm not so I will set aside some time next week to finish it and get it launched.
  • Delivery! Yes, after numerous requests to deliver outside of Nottinghamshire I am meeting with a delivery company next week to discuss options.
  • Cakes for special diets - gluten-free and vegan cupcakes in time for Christmas.
  • Seasonal options - Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas, New year's! So many occasions suitable for cake.
  • Newsletter - a fortnightly/monthly e-newsletter telling you about all the latest Star Bakery news. It will also be published on this blog so make sure you check in regularly.
In the meantime, here is a little cake I made for my niece this week. As you might have read in my last post my brother was involved in a car accident. He was in surgery the day of her 6th birthday so she had a rough day and I thought I'd make her a special little cake to help cheer her up. He is doing much better by the way, making leaps and bounds in recovery and even having some time off the ventilator so I am hopeful for his condition.Thanks for all your messages of support and thanks for bearing with me these past few weeks. Star Bakery resumes normal business from Monday so look out for more posts, cakes and tweets!


  1. Anonymous3.10.09

    I'm so glad it's going well! Sounds like it's all very exciting and hopeful in your part of the world.
    Your cake looks absolutely gorgeous,
    Rosie of BooksAndBakes

  2. Hello, I'm very pleased to hear your brother is getting stronger. Well done with all the other stuff, it all sounds fantastic and I hope you can keep up with all the demand!

  3. Thanks for the support guys and thanks for the cake compliments! I look forward to planning again x