Managing the quiet times

When I started this business I was prepared for the quiet times. I was not prepared the busy times (!) but I knew not to let it get me down if things were slow. To help me stay focused, I have a list of 'things to do' that helps me continue to stay busy even when cake orders are few and far between.

For instance: when cake orders are frequent, my admin really falls by the wayside. I mean totally. It's all I can do to create an invoice/receipt for a client let alone log cake costs, payment, update social networking sites etc. So I try and fit it all into a quiet time. I make a list of what needs to be done - SFBB health & safety logs, receipt books etc and then everything else is saved up for a weeknight like tonight. I try not to beat myself up if things slide a little, I joke to my hubby that I already need an admin person! I have received some great advice from a friend who has her own business and she says to keep on top of the money situation. Doing your taxes can be hard enough without trying to find long lost receipts that you put in a 'really safe place'...

Something else I do when I have time is create cake dummy designs. I wasn't aware of cake dummies until I started doing my research into larger cakes but they are a great way to practise without having the cost of making a cake. I found some mini polystyrene cake dummies at M&S recently and I cover them in cheap white fondant from the supermarket and then sit down to try and create a design. I find it very therapeutic and its a great way to take some good photos for your website. Becky at Consumed by Cake recently told me that expanding foam can be used to make cupcake dummies and I plan to have a go at this soon! I will post pics as I am as intrigued as you.

The cake featured here is a 'dummy' and I wouldn't be able to tell it wasn't real. The main objective is to show the client what you can do so go on, have a go and show off a little!

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