Levelling up to 40

After months of planning, countless meals out, celebrating with family & friends and travelling to Wales - I finally hit the 40 milestone that I had been dreading for so long. I say dreading, I guess that's an overstatement but I felt a lot of pressure to make the day AMAZING and I knew nothing I could do would love up to the momentous occasion.

I was wrong.

A few months before the big day, I started to toy with the idea of getting away for the weekend to do something crazy and a bit memorable. I wanted to mark the day and so I looked into finding a little getaway for us to celebrate in our own company. I've been wanting to walk up Snowdon for years, so we decided to try and find somewhere local so we could head up the mountain to celebrate. We found the most gorgeous little place in Bala, but on route there we started to hear weather reports about snow and flooding and when we arrived the owner confirmed that Snowdon wasn't going to be advisable on my birthday...

So instead we headed to Anglesey Beach and had a hilarious time walking up and down the beach whilst 50mph gales whipped sand into our eyes and soaked us through! It was the most fun I've had in ages and my family and friends gave me lovely cards and gifts to open and even made me a cake which was a total surprise. We finished the day with a beautiful dinner in the local town of Bala and even made it half way up Snowdon a day later on the Snowdon Mountain Railway so all was not lost.
Due to heavy snow, we couldn't see much when we reached Clogwyn Station, about 3/4 of the way up Snowdon, but we managed to get some photos (and eat some birthday brownies) before we our hands turned blue and we escaped back onto the train!
Massive thanks to my gorgeous and awesome partner Greg who went out of his way to make my weekend totally unforgettable. The moral of the story is don't dread your big milestone birthdays - be grateful that you're still here to celebrate and enjoy every minute. I won't forget out weekend in Bala in a hurry!

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