3 things you're gonna love!

 Ahhhhh, Summer. My favourite time of the year, not only because of the lovely weather but also because we get to turn off the early alarm and avoid the dreaded school run...

There are lots of things I'm loving at the moment and this edition is packed full of cake, clothes and food so basically my top 3 favourite things ever.

I'd love to have a bit more time off over the Summer, and we're eagerly counting down to a week in Cornwall, but in the meantime it's work, work work for me and sheesh - have I had a busy few months! Many of you will know I work full time but I still make cakes from my home business and this is just a little taster of what has come out of my kitchen recently... (I think the Kinder egg is one of my faves!)

My eldest starts Secondary school in September and I'm actively trying to spend a bit more time with him before he goes off to 'big school'. We love going out for food and a film and we recently visited Cosmo in Nottingham. It was Fin's first time there and I downloaded a voucher from their Facebook page to feed him for just £1! Yes, you read that right!

The service was fab with the Manager telling Fin all about the different foods he could eat and he absolutely loved it. He's much braver than me when it comes to trying new things and I love his sense of adventure when it comes to food. We had a great night out and I'm definitely recommending their £1 nights to everyone I know who has kids.

Taking up running recently has not only done wonders for my health but I'm also seeing a real difference in my body shape. I've been stuck in a fashion rut for a long time now and after a friend recommend Lindy Bop to me, I've never looked back! They sell some stunning dresses for very reasonable prices and so far I've loved every purchase. I'm trying to dress for my shape a bit more now and I think dresses seem to suit me best.

I'm trying to get braver and order more shapely dresses and the top 2 here are definitely out of my comfort zone - but you know what? I love them! The kids have given them a thumbs up so they must be OK!
I hope I've encouraged you to a) eat some cake b) eat at Cosmo or c) go buy a dress. If you do any of these things then my work here is done.

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