Too early to feel festive?

I'm not entirely sure what's happened this year but everyone I know seems to be getting into the Christmas spirit really early. I blame all the amazing festive advertising campaigns (which all make me cry btw).

I ADORE Christmas. It was my Mum's favourite holiday and unfortunately she passed away a few weeks before Christmas in 2004, so the season remained full of heartache for me until a few years back when I decided that I no longer wanted to wallow but I'd rather instill that festive spirit in my boys!

So now we celebrate every day in December and I remain ruthless in my task to ensure they don't get materialistic about the big day.

It breaks my heart when people spend all their hard earned cash on gifts that will inevitably be forgotten or worse still, when ungrateful children are spoiled with gifts they don't appreciate. As a parent, of course I'd love to get my boys every toy on their Christmas lists but the holiday has always been about giving for me so we'll all pick something to take to the charity shop in coming weeks and we'll give nice treats to the local food bank too. But please don't think I'm morally sounding off, I'm sure if I was rich it'd be a different story ;)

And speaking of giving, look what my amazing friend Emma bought me! Peanut Hotties! The Chocolate and PB one tastes like liquid peanut butter cups and snickers thrown together. But each cup is under 90cals...how?! I don't care, just fill me up!

I also blame Sarah from Taming Twins for making me feel even more festive with her Festive Food Friday blog link up. It's a great source of foodie inspiration!

So now onto the task of trimming my Pinterest board to pick just a handful of bakes for the season. However will I choose?!


  1. It's definitely not too early to feel festive, and your jumper is amazing! I couldn't agree more about the over-commercialisation of things, Christmas should be about people and experiences not presents (well maybe just the odd present)

    1. I agree! We *need* pressies but 2 or 3 are more than enough for most kids and I'd much rather spend less time stressing over toys that get left behind or don't work properly and spend more time enjoying the few things we love the most :)