Looking back, looking forward

Let's get this clear, I'm no good at New Years Resolutions. Tell me I can't do something and it'll be the first thing I do. I'm kinda stubborn like that.

So this year I've decided to set a few goals for myself instead. 2013 has been full of change and I'd like to get back to finding a bit of 'normality' in my life so here are my top 3 aims for a fabulous 2014...

1. Family time - make it count! My youngest starts school full time in September and my eldest hits double digits around the same time so I'm determined to make some more time for us to have together as a family before I lose anymore time to gaming and TV. Holidays have been a positive luxury for the last few years but I'd like to try and arrange a little seaside adventure for the 3 of us. It'll be our first holiday as a trio which excites me and terrifies me in equal measure...
2. Work/life - keep it balanced. I'm actually pretty darn good at keeping work and life balanced nowadays but it wasn't the case about 3yrs ago and the term 'workaholic' springs to mind. I can easily sit with my laptop online whilst the boys disappear into their own little tech worlds of TV and DS's but my goal for 2014 is to reign it in and try and save more work till the boys are in bed.

3. Make more time for me! This one is gonna be tough one. I mean, what Mum actually has time off?? I've had a bit of a glimmer over the festive period of what life is like without the boys around as they were packed off with their Dad on a family visit down South...and it was bliss! I've always been uncomfortable with time on my own but recently I've made some life changes that have resulted in a more positive 'me' and I'm determined to embrace my newly found confidence and hang onto it for dear life.

Of course cakes will remain a huge factor in 2014 as will working in the coolest little cake shop in Nottingham (Sweet Success in case you were wondering...) but what else does 2014 hold for me? More blogging that's for sure, more socialising with friends as it appears to be the year that all of my single friends get married and more dating. Yep, I'm embracing my singledom and getting my glad rags ON. Is Nottingham ready for me? Probably not...

And here's a little flavour of the 100+ cakes that have left the Swirls Bakery kitchen this year, phew! I feel exhausted just looking at them all but if my order book so far is anything to go by then 2014 will be just as busy. Just the way I like it.

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