My new favourite cookbook - Baked in America

Hurrah! It seems that I was FINALLY unsubtle enough that my husband got around to buying me a cookbook that has been on my wishlist for waaaay too long. Ok, so my only *teeny tiny* gripe is that I would have lovvvvvvved a signed version (which you can buy via their website) but that gives me an excuse to hound the guys at Outsider Tart for an autograph next time I'm in London...

For those of you who are fans of American baking (and yummy cakes in general) then this is a cookbook worthy of a place on your ever expanding bookshelf. Background; the two David's run a bakery in London called Outsider Tart and whilst I haven't had the pleasure of visiting it yet, all of my cakey friends who have visited RAVE about it. They make and create a whole host of American food and this cookbook pulls together a few of their recipes for you to recreate at home.

I find their story really inspiring as they are Expats who gave up the day job to turn their bakery dream into a reality. I'd love to have a little American style bakery like theirs and maybe one day I will :)

The book has a substantial foreword comparing the different conversions for US/UK bakers and also a helpful guide to the different ingredients and substitutions UK bakers can make in adapting American recipes. Each recipe lists ingredients in both imperial and metric measures so you can choose which suits you both. I still tend to weigh butter but prefer cups for dry measures so it's nice to have the option.

I could probably rave about the book all night but one recipe caught my eye and within 24hrs I had made my first batch of sugar saucer cookies - I won't repost the recipe as I'm urging you to buy the book  (and I didn't take too many pictures!) but I will post photos of my brightly coloured cookies which were made using some fab sprinkles I bought from 'B&M Bargains' of all places. 99p value buy - woohoo!

The recipe makes some pretty giant sized cookies and they taste soooo good. I'm going to attempt the cinnamon loaf tomorrow to bring along to my friend's house for an after dinner treat so watch this space as I'll no doubt share photos next time.

Cookies before the oven...
Cookie fresh from the oven - measuring over 10cm wide!

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  1. Oh my goodness Outsider Tart is my FAVE! I have visited pretty much every decent bakery there is in London...and that's no exaggeration! Sometime's I've been known to visit 6 or 7 in one day! and Outsider Tart always rules supreme, I recommend it to everyone! and even though it can be a bit of a trek over in Chiswick it's sooo worth the trek! I urge you to go out of your way next time you are down south! You won't regret it! and your cookies look awesome! I love how bright and colourful and perfectly formed they are!

    1. Aww, see now I'm even more excited about trying out their treats!! Thanks for the comments about the cookies - I have a serious sprinkle addiciton!

  2. Anonymous9.4.13

    This book looks fab! I am definitely making my way to Outsider Tart the next time I'm in London

    1. There's a recipe for peanut butter and cream cheese frosting - I thought "that's a recipe for kerry!!" Highly recommend it x

  3. Anonymous9.4.13

    Yum! When I made the peanut butter brownies it had cream cheese and icing sugar added to the peanut butter. Crazy, but delish!