Afternoon tea at Stapleford Park

Stapleford Park
This might be hard to believe but I have never been to a 'true' afternoon tea *shock horror*. Last week, this wrong was righted by taking tea at Stapleford Park after a particularly spiffing day out.

The grounds at Stapleford are lovely and the hall itself greeted us with a warm roaring fire which was amazing! The hall is kept rotted in olden day charm and I really felt at least 3 grades posher than I did upon entry.

The tea menu was a little overwhelming to a tea novice like me so I opted for the standard Breakfast Tea which was brought out in lovely silver teapots and served with tea strainers (which I did forget to use at first...).

The sandwiches were dainty and yummy and the cake selection...well...I don't think I've ever tried such a yummy selection of little treats! I took a few photos of the things that I got to try but nothing can sum up the bowl of clotted cream that looked like mounds of ice cream or the homemade style raspberry conserve made for spreading on our warm scones.

Ok, I'm making myself hungry now so I'll leave you with some photos to make you equally as hungry

Macarons, scones, lemon tarts (with the most amazing filling and crust!), chocolate pots, battenburgs

Giant cup of tea with perfect teaspoon and mini sandwich
I urge you to make time for afternoon tea. I felt so thrilled to be having 'tea' and the location couldn't be better. I can't wait to go again - who's in?


  1. Anonymous25.9.12

    Lovely jubbly! The cakes look fantastical! I'm up for it!

    1. It was soooooo delish! I felt really grand and they even had croquet and garden chess outside - amazing :)