My eggs are always happy

Edible food markers - a great way to graffiti food
Earlier this year new EU legislation came into effect which prohibits battery cage eggs and egg products - I for one am overjoyed about this new law as I've always been an advocate for free range eggs but as a baker you sometimes get caught short and on the odd occasion when my supermarket ran out of free range I had to buy standard eggs which would always succeed in making me feel awful.

But now I no longer have to inspect egg boxes for free range status which is a huge relief! I honestly believe that there are some products which can genuinely alter your baking if you don't buy the best and eggs is definitely one of them.

For this reason I made a decision a couple of years ago to only buy Happy Eggs as I support their animal welfare ethos and I can feel good about using my buying power for the good of chicken-kind (they're not paying me to say this by the way, I am a genuine happy egg shopper).

So imagine my delight when I found out about a baking competition that Happy Egg are sponsoring where you have the chance to win a brand spanking new kitchen aid...oooh, ahhh!

I have my thinking cap on right now and as any baked good is allowed, the possibilities are endless in my mind! Cookies? Cupcakes? Cakes? Maybe even meringues?? Who knows!

I do know one thing though. Whatever I make is sure to taste yummy.

I'll keep you updated on my competition entry - maybe even post some blog pictures of my process along the way. The Jubilee this year has flooded the market with suitably themed 'british' baking supplies but I'm gonna try and think outside of the box...

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  1. Anonymous2.5.12

    Great competition! I'm sure they'll be lots of amazing entries - good luck!