The circle of cake life

I made a cake for my Mother in Laws 60th birthday this weekend. I always like to make family cakes as it means putting some extra love into what I'm doing which always reminds me of how my Mum and Nana taught me to bake: my Nana says "Put love into what you're making and it will always turn out great". How true.

The other (slightly selfish) part I like about baking for family and friends is that I generally get to enjoy a piece of my efforts. By that I mean I am sometimes around for the cake cutting part!

Now some bakers says that this bit can be soul destroying. And I agree to some extent - to see all those hours of work 'destroyed' in a matter of moments can be harsh BUT for me, seeing the looks on peoples faces as they tuck in is the best part of the whole process!

So here I share with you a little picture which I thought summed up the end of a cakes life. Granted there are still some slices yet to be cut but the candles have been blown and cake has been enjoyed. What better way to celebrate a day.

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