Star Bakery greeting cards

Today I had an early Christmas present. Allow me to explain...

A few months ago a card company came across one of my pictures on Flickr and asked for permission to use it on one of their cards. Imagine how shocked I was that one of my little photos (and cakes!) was of interest to anyone other than cake fans!

Of course I said yes and after many emails, contracts etc we finally agreed that my image would be used and *possibly* printed on a greeting card made by Paper Rose.

Many months later and what should come through my letterbox today??... My cards!

OMG. To say I am flattered, gobsmacked and extremely proud would be an understatement. I'm currently trying to find out where you can buy them so keep an eye on my website where we'll no doubt announce stockists.

So with a spring in my step I start to enjoy Christmas preparations and prepare a little competition in the New Year so you can win some of 'my' cards to send to your loved ones. That's if I don't buy them all first...!


  1. Anonymous21.12.10

    I think your cakes look totally amazing!!! xx

  2. Wow Liana, well done you! They look amazing :-) xx