Stalls, newsletters and the next phase

Star Bakery is officially entering a new phase. As some of you might be aware I work full time alongside running this business but my workplace is currently making redundancies and I have opted to volunteer for redundancy. Today, my requested was accepted so into the new year Star Bakery will finally be becoming a fully fledged full time business for me!

This year has seen lots of up and downs for me so I go forward full of optimism for 2010, it can't get worse than 2009...I hope!

Further details will no doubt follow in coming months as I finally have time to run this business with the full gusto I have always wanted to but for now let's get onto some more cake related news.

Star Bakery appeared this weekend at Rufford Country Park Craft Fair and had a particularly good weekend selling out of our 350+ cupcakes, 100 sugar cookies and various other edible treats! We also met some FAB people and hope to make more contacts in coming weeks. Thank you to everyone who turned out in the cold wet weather, I really appreciate your support!

I will also be sending out a newsletter extra this week so don't forget to sign up if you haven't already, you wouldn't want to miss out on the most up to date news now would you??


  1. whilst you might find the change difficult to start with, you'll really enjoy being able to focus on your passion.

    I'm sitting here writing on your blog, when i ought to be putting some carrot cake mixture in the oven!

  2. Thanks Gavin, I think they are a few more out there in similar positions and I seem to recall this is a situation you have found yourself in too? Onwards and upwards I suppose but it'll be hard after 8.5 years with the company I work for, I'm just glad I have something else to focus on :) well aside from the family anyway!!

  3. You will be amazing in your new (continuing) career as a Star baker(like the bun... pun?).

    You are very inspirational and I know with your drive and brilliant personality that it will definately be a success.