Mummy's little helper

This weekend was very exciting. All my orders were completed by Friday so I had 2 full days to spend with my boys! A family weekend is a rare occurrence of late so I like to make the most of them. Even if they do involve doing very little and slouching around the house...

But, I am a baker through and through so I knew there would be cake making of some description and Fin and I decided to make a cake. Just a simple white cake but to jazz it up we added coloured sprinkles to the batter. The sprinkles melt whilst cooking so you end up with little bursts of colour throughout your cake - a nice surprise for the kids!

Firstly, Fin did a great job and helped me add all the ingredients. At 4 years old he already knows how to turn on the kitchen aid so he did the mixing too! Once mixed we put it in a pan and waited. Now, patience is not a virtue of a 4 year old so we played in the garden to pass the time.

I then topped the cake with some chocolate frosting and then let the decorating begin. I made a plate of cake decorations up from my baking box and let Fin and the Hubby loose on the cake. Fin decided he wanted to make a house of sorts so that's what he did.

So here it is, a cake made by the Stevens family FOR the Stevens family. And it tasted wonderful.


  1. Anonymous13.9.09

    Awww... I bet he loves baking with Mummy. My 4 year old is always disappointed when I won't let her 'help' decorate an order. Haven't let her at the Kenwood yet though! :-)

  2. I know its hard when they can't join in. Not sure if it was a good idea for him to know how to use the mixer yet, who knows if it will end up with mud in it at some point...! hahaha

  3. Looks great! Just popped in from Twitter, decided that I can't see enough of pictures of cakes... It's my new hobby you know, looking at cake...

  4. I think your hobby sounds very interesting and I fully approve!