Attending my first cake decorating course

Late last year I managed to find a local cake decorating course in my area (Nottingham) and I couldn't wait to sign up! The course filled up pretty quickly but I managed to get a space and it really has opened my eyes to so many more aspects of cake decorating.

The main focus of the course was learning to use Royal Icing and I thought you might be interested in seeing my first attempts with the white stuff. One of the photos shows how to learn to pipe letters perfectly using a number 1 piping nozzle. The trick really is in getting practice - using a template with some greaseproof paper.

My letter piping was AWFUL before I practiced using this technique and I am glad to say its much better now! The snowflake picture shows some run out work I did for my christmas cake and I will go into more dteail about run outs soon as they can be used for so many things including adding some great shapes on your cupcakes.

Don't forget you can all see my more updated work here and hopefully see how far I've come since then!

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